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Original Juice for corporate events
Team Building, Street Marketing ...Whatever you need!

Business events, team building, street marketing, promotion events, actors, kids activities, entertainers…

The company which has fun together, works together. Sometimes the best way to increase an employees productivity is by making them forget they are working. We organize any kind of activities that help with communication, confidence, and most of all, fun.


The best way to learn is through experience. Why don’t we build a team and work together? Tell us what you want to enforce and we will build up an activity for you.


Do you want a workshop to motivate your team? Shows and workshops that integrate humor, magic and business techniques

Integral solutions

We organize your whole event or team building period being in charge of activities, transfers, accommodation, coaching sessions and any required point.

Videos and music videos

Our videos and music videos as team-building activities, product presentations, greeting videos, advertisements… You will spend a funny time playing at being big artists. You can see one of our videos here

Infiltrated actors

A different and an original surprise. One of our characters will slip in your event to make you enjoy a funny and unforgettable moment!

Street Marketing

Original advertising campaigns to promote, potenciate your brand, launch new companies… Different and participative activities that will help you not to go unnoticed Here you have an example of our street marketing campaigns.

Flash Mobs

They are a great team-building activity but also for promotion events and special campaigns in wich you want to move people feelings. Here you can see one of our flash-mobs in a company event.

Living shop window

To surprise, attract attention, increase sales… Here is an example of one of our living shop windows.

Kids events

Parties for employees sons, promotion activities, company summer camps… Visit our kids page to know more about our activities.

Our customers

Click here to know about our customers.

Photography and video

And if you want to catch a memory of your moment, ask for our photographer.

And much more!…

Sometimes it’s great to let the kid we have inside out. Have you already visited our Kids Section? We have quizzes, costume parties, thematic parties… And be sure to visit our Adult offers for even more possibilities.