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Storytelling, face painting, gymkhanas, Magicians ...
always to create something unique and special!

Kids parties, birthdays, Holy Communion, weddings, schools, promotion events…

Don’t miss the chance to turn their party into an unforgettable occasion. Story tellers, thematic parties, dances, theatre… We activate the imagination, creativity and team-work of kids with a singular event created for each occasion.

Thematic parties

Pirates, clowns, fairies, Indians or whatever you can imagine. Turn your party into an adventure film. You will enjoy an evening full of games and laughs. We will also have face painting and balloons. What an experience!


For the youngest. Imagine your favourite character slipping into your party and making your dreams take flight! We will have face painting, games, balloons and -most of all- lots of adventures.

Face painting

Colorful fun for your party! You will turn into what you most desire.

Dance lessons

You and your friends will feel like real professional dancers as you explore new choreography, clothing, make up… Choose your favorite song. Everything must be ready for the final show!


A secret map and a lot of challenges. You will turn up into a pirate, or a detective… A great activity for the whole family and teenagers. Let’s see who is the most adventurous!

Zumo Quiz

For those not as young. What if two hosts from the most stylish TV show suddenly appear in your house and ask you to be a star? Be ready because we will have quizzes, dances, songs… You will have to be fast and brave if you want to win!

Piyama parties

Why not invite your friends to a real pyjama party? We will have games, photo sessions, make up. We will even tell terror stories if you dare…

Water games

Refreshing excitement for you and your friends! Water balloons, games, races… Who wants to win? Jump to it!


Fill your party with magic and surprises, and make your friends… mouths drop open with astonishment.


Theatre, world games, juggling, crafts, or whatever you ask for. Nothing is better than learning and improving your creativity while you have fun.

Three Wise Men, Santa Claus

A great surprise for an important day. Zumo talks to Santa Claus, one of his goblins, one of The Three Wise Men or their pages and takes them to your house in such a busy night. Maybe he gives you one of your presents! You can watch some of their visits here

Mini Olympic games

A competition between teams where the sports you know will drive crazy and will make you enjoy an evening full of laughs and challenges.

Party decoration

We decorate your party place with thousands of colorful baloons to make it more magical.

Kids menus

We offer a funny and delicious kids menu so you don´t have to worry about anything. We also personalize your birthday cake! Ask for our menus.


And if you want to catch a memory of your moment, ask for our photoprapher.

Urban camps

Urban camps to make kinds enjoy and learn at the same time!


Bouncy castles

Different sizes and shapes depending on the number of kids and their ages. With an entertainer in charge of security organizing games and activities.

Zumo in English

Your party in English

Your party as you want

This is our best event, the one you can imagine. You can combine any of our previous suggestions or ask for what you like most. We create it for you.