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About us

In Zumo Animations we make every effort to capture
your ideal holiday ... Would you like to join us?


My name is Laura and I’m having a very sweet dream. Zumo is the company for which I have always wanted to work for, a place to play with creativity to entertain others in a constructive way. A place where imagination plays de main role, but where hard work and organization are required to make things work. A place like Zumo was my ideal destiny but, as nobody had ever initiated it, I had to invent it.

I studied Communications because I wanted a creative and exciting job. I learned theatre in order to loose embarrassment and to be a princess one day, a pirate the next. I have experienced a bit of theatre and a bit of short films, in front of and behind the cameras. I have been a kid sometimes, and others a teacher. I passed the CAP exam, witch allows me to be an English teacher for secondary school and I have a lot of experience in charge of groups of children from different ages, from seismic six to decisive sixteen.

I’ve worked in the production department of “El Internado”, surviving the chaos of a TV series. And now, I want to enjoy a good Zumo (juice). I want to join all my experiences in one to create a company that’s my favourite game. Mi dream is to make you enjoy.

Look up for your favourite juice flavour in our site, and call us!

Our team:

Zumo is thought to turn an especial occasion into an extraordinary moment. And the clue is the word “thought”. Zumo team is made up of competent young people, brought up in areas like education, psychology and theatre. A team made of different tastes that will devote all their energy and creativity to find the way of creating your ideal party.